Monday, July 31, 2017

7 day(168hr) Water Fast

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I just finished a 7 day water fast, my first experience with such a practice. I am overjoyed to get back to consuming delicious nutrients and calories!

I had been curious to try one for awhile, but the main impetus was a housemate doing the Master Cleanse, and my friend was wanting to detox from anti-fungal meds. We got a couple others to join us, and we embarked. I ended up being the one going for a week, the others dropped out for various reasons, mainly relating to feeling crappy/wanting to do more activities/return to normalcy.

The first 3 days were the strangest; some noticeable dizziness/hunger pangs, but once your body shifts into ketosis(fat reserve burning mode) it's not so bad. I layed low like I usually do, lots of screen time on the PC, but I did do some yoga, and walked a bunch-I even went 7 miles one day and felt fine, though I did have to take a few sit down breaks from heavier than usual legs. Climbing up stairs became rather interesting...that extra pep in my step wasn't quit there.

I started getting more hunger pangs oddly enough on days 6/7, maybe due in part to more folks cooking delicious food all around in the house...also might be not hitting up enough water perhaps, though I seem to be downing a fair amount. I have been having decaf non-caloric teas for my "meals" to break it up a bit and help with a little nutritional boost, as well as having salt in water/licking off the palm of my hand-the latter is nice with big chunks of mineral rich Himalayan Salt :).(Sidenote: We humans MINE this pink salt out of a massive mountain chain and ship is all around the world....)

Prior to this experience I was doing a RawishTill4 thingie(only raw foods until 4, then cooked/whatever after) and I also was doing a kinda half-assed intermittent fasting from 10pm-Noon(not during that time), but I'd like to extend that to 16:8 ratio, so it will be 8pm(ish....:p) till Noon, with a solid 8 hour eating window for the day's yummies.

I broke my fast with my father at Laughing Planet Cafe with lovely fruit only smoothie! I plan on doing rawish and smoothie-lyfe for the next 4-5 days until the weekend, when I will start eating more normally.

Some other reflections from this:

-Saves Money: I eat primarily for free or use EBT, but I could possibly do a seasonal 3-7 day in the future. Also intermittent fasting ought to help encourage more mindful consumption, and curb incessant grazing, eating feels or from boredom. I also was freezing fruit(mulberries, figs) that I harvested on my walks about town so I would have ample amounts of stuff much abundance in the world!

-Weight Loss: I don't have a scale, but I venture I lost about 5-10lbs. My waistline, thighs, love handles and stomach all seemed to shrink a bit. Will keep an eye on this as I return to normalcy. I'd like to reach and sustain a weight around 180 (I'm 5'10 and stocky/muscular), but not sure this is feasible as I have hovered around 200lbs the last 4 years and it seems like my body equilibrium, but I do have some fat to burn from that to be sure.

-Empowering: Kinda neat in a way to basically ignore a pillar of life  for so many me hope that I won't sweat missing food or going without here or there.

-Strange Sensations/Mind effects: About day 2/3, my mind/body kinda feel a bit glazed the neurons fire a tad slower, On days 4/5 I also experienced this kind of aloofness where my usual anxiety flare ups just couldn't even muster the energy. On day 6/7 I noticed a little more overall energy and activity in my mind, bit more anxious, probably because I was prepping to reengage with the world. My molars felt a bit weird too, like kinda chalky.

-Didn't Prep Properly: Typically it's advised to ease into a fast doing like all smoothies/raw for a few days, I ate normally(rawish) so that might have been a little odd for my body to adjust too.

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