Monday, July 31, 2017

7 day(168hr) Water Fast

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I just finished a 7 day water fast, my first experience with such a practice. I am overjoyed to get back to consuming delicious nutrients and calories!

I had been curious to try one for awhile, but the main impetus was a housemate doing the Master Cleanse, and my friend was wanting to detox from anti-fungal meds. We got a couple others to join us, and we embarked. I ended up being the one going for a week, the others dropped out for various reasons, mainly relating to feeling crappy/wanting to do more activities/return to normalcy.

The first 3 days were the strangest; some noticeable dizziness/hunger pangs, but once your body shifts into ketosis(fat reserve burning mode) it's not so bad. I layed low like I usually do, lots of screen time on the PC, but I did do some yoga, and walked a bunch-I even went 7 miles one day and felt fine, though I did have to take a few sit down breaks from heavier than usual legs. Climbing up stairs became rather interesting...that extra pep in my step wasn't quit there.

I started getting more hunger pangs oddly enough on days 6/7, maybe due in part to more folks cooking delicious food all around in the house...also might be not hitting up enough water perhaps, though I seem to be downing a fair amount. I have been having decaf non-caloric teas for my "meals" to break it up a bit and help with a little nutritional boost, as well as having salt in water/licking off the palm of my hand-the latter is nice with big chunks of mineral rich Himalayan Salt :).(Sidenote: We humans MINE this pink salt out of a massive mountain chain and ship is all around the world....)

Prior to this experience I was doing a RawishTill4 thingie(only raw foods until 4, then cooked/whatever after) and I also was doing a kinda half-assed intermittent fasting from 10pm-Noon(not during that time), but I'd like to extend that to 16:8 ratio, so it will be 8pm(ish....:p) till Noon, with a solid 8 hour eating window for the day's yummies.

I broke my fast with my father at Laughing Planet Cafe with lovely fruit only smoothie! I plan on doing rawish and smoothie-lyfe for the next 4-5 days until the weekend, when I will start eating more normally.

Some other reflections from this:

-Saves Money: I eat primarily for free or use EBT, but I could possibly do a seasonal 3-7 day in the future. Also intermittent fasting ought to help encourage more mindful consumption, and curb incessant grazing, eating feels or from boredom. I also was freezing fruit(mulberries, figs) that I harvested on my walks about town so I would have ample amounts of stuff much abundance in the world!

-Weight Loss: I don't have a scale, but I venture I lost about 5-10lbs. My waistline, thighs, love handles and stomach all seemed to shrink a bit. Will keep an eye on this as I return to normalcy. I'd like to reach and sustain a weight around 180 (I'm 5'10 and stocky/muscular), but not sure this is feasible as I have hovered around 200lbs the last 4 years and it seems like my body equilibrium, but I do have some fat to burn from that to be sure.

-Empowering: Kinda neat in a way to basically ignore a pillar of life  for so many me hope that I won't sweat missing food or going without here or there.

-Strange Sensations/Mind effects: About day 2/3, my mind/body kinda feel a bit glazed the neurons fire a tad slower, On days 4/5 I also experienced this kind of aloofness where my usual anxiety flare ups just couldn't even muster the energy. On day 6/7 I noticed a little more overall energy and activity in my mind, bit more anxious, probably because I was prepping to reengage with the world. My molars felt a bit weird too, like kinda chalky.

-Didn't Prep Properly: Typically it's advised to ease into a fast doing like all smoothies/raw for a few days, I ate normally(rawish) so that might have been a little odd for my body to adjust too.

Water Fasting Guide

Sunday, July 9, 2017

National Rainbow Gathering: Oregon 2017

I just returned from 2 weeks(June 25th-July 7th) at the Rainbow Gathering. I took daily notes of my experience and will share those with you.


-Dadum Yoga Fusion: Met a yogi brother named Dadum, who had been coming foe years and we combined our forces of Kundulini and my Kaleidoscope practice. Had some huge groups(50+) for 10 straight days at Hippie Noon for 2+hrs of wholesome yoga. Probably had 150 unique folks come join us.

-Libraries: Two libraries came to the gathering, one up on the hill, and another at Tipi Village. Read a couple great books there Beautiful Trouble , an encyclopedia about activism and A Paradise Built in Hell:, about how folks come together in crisis and disasters.

-Vegans: Met about 20-30, many saw my shirt and instantly connected. Held a veganism circle where we talked about our experiences, especially those about Rainbow. There was meat at some kitchens, and LOTs of eggs/dairy, but thankfully main circle meals were 95% vegan, and there were 2 all-vegan kitchens (instant Soup and Sundar). I had a lot of folks ask me questions about veganism(protein, plants feelings etc) and some wise ass remarks("I love free range vegans) but overall it was positive.

-Instant Soup:
I plugged in and camped near arguably the best kitchen there. Clean, coordinated, delicious meals(split pea, chickpea curry, thai peanut, minestrone etc) from trained chefs, 24/7, always had water/food, quite area away from hub bub/drum circle.

-Krishna (Sundar): This kitchen was great as usual from these folks, a wholesome, drug free oasis. Epic kirtan chants, nice shady spot to lie down and relax. Havala dessert and dahl!

-Ohana fire song circle: This Hawaiian themed fire song circle occurred almost nightly, and was a pleasure to walk by it and stay for a bit, listening to Fantoozie and company play amazing music. (In general the music there was AMAZING; flutes, drums, folk songs, angelic voices)

-Glowing Feather: I remember GF from Montana in 2013, so it was cool to see him again, only this time I actually hung out with him here and there, he came to kaleidoscope and offered his improv dance expression with us. He also freaked a lot of us with some health scares one morning, when a brother from CALM(medical team) came racing in with a cart to help him. Love his spirit.

-PDX crew: The first part of the gathering I was exploring more solo, but around the 1st most of my Portland friends started rolling in so it was nice to see them and help show them around. Having my close buddies there really boosted my energy and was a great experience to share, not to mention just more vegans to synergize with.

-CALM: This is our medical team...on top of it for taking care of the family out in the woods. I had stepped on a sharp stem and punctured my foot on like the 5th day and finally came in and got it bandaged by the wonderful Tori, complete with foot bath, scrub and medical wrap!

-Yeast guy: Person who screams "YEEEEEEEAST!" at dinner circle, keeping B12 high.

-Healing Center/Massage table/trades: Towards the end of the gathering i started plugging in with this healing center near main meadow, offering massage, and also gave some at Instant Soup and with friends. Probably gave about 20 or so to folks. I even gave a massage for a CrimeThinc booked called Days of War/Nights of Love from an anarchist who was handing out free pamphlets in trade circle.

-Intersectionality disccusion: I was lucky enough to attend this discusion, providing much neeeded nuanced perspective on some of the challenges and blindspots of Rainbow; such as toxic masculinity, lack of diversity(POC/queer) and ways we can help with that in the future.

-Consent: There was a BIG push for consent awareness and there were several councils set up for this discussion. Such an issue within the hippie community, especially out there in the woods...can be some sketchy stuff.

-HipStories: Stay in some early day stories from the gatherings (80-92), gleaned some interesting knowledge about how they interacted with locals, weather/location issues etc. 5 Hours of stories here

-Vision Council: Sat in on the 7th Vision council that was for folks to speak their heartsong(truth) and help decide on the next gathering spot. Some really amazing sharing...friend Chris nailed it with talking about oppression and the lack of awareness here, Lakota member shared beautiful prayer that had everyone in tears....powerful circle.

-Crystal Crane Hot Springs: After gathering I went to this nearby hotsprings, and helped soak off the duest and grime.

Low Lights:

-Sickness: An outbreak of Norro Virus hit us hard...thousands were sick, including half my friends. I had thought I had escaped unscathed, but felt the achy weakness hit me hard on my last day there, and sure enough it was coming out both ends that night when I was camped at the hotsprings. You would hear/see people puking and moaning all throughout the gathering....rough stuff.

-Loud/mosquitoes: This is not a place for serenity. Lots of drumming(ALL NIGHT) make it challenging to find spots where you can't hear it....had to move behind a ridge on the outskirts. Also, the mosquitoes at times would really be attacking me...I sleep with a bivy sack, so no tent, so buggies like to eat me :)

-Lonely camping solo/missed ladyfriend/romantic gathering: I felt pangs of loneliness, especially earlier on as I hadn't made connections yet and my PDX crew hadn't arrived. I solo camped the entire time so I kinda missed out on that experience. Also was missing my lady friend...the gathering is a very romantic place.

-Drugs: Everywhere. Felt out of place as straight edge...even marked my hands with black X to show solidarity with folks, but ran into only a couple. Mary-J was casually consumed like oxygen, so many pipes/joints/dabs seemingly at every kitchen/fire circle. Aggravated my eyes/throat. Tension around people having bad trips on LSD...didn't experience it first hand, but we did have a person come up to kaleidoscope one day who was attacking our group(physically hit a person) who seemed to be going through psychosis...saw her later and she seemed better.

-Lack of intellectual/deep convo at times: I think the Mary-J had something to do with this, but often times there wasn't much profound being said in the larger circles/kitchen talk. I had more meaningful 1:1 convos thankfully.

-Roughness/Toxic behaviors/Masculinity/lack of respect: Perhaps the worst offense there....many rough and tumble, road dogs, dirty kids were offputting at times. Heard lots of shouting, arguing, yelling at/being physical with dogs. I've heard over the years this shift in the demographic of the  family has been a growing concern.


All in all, it was a positive experience, and if I am a gathering is close by, I may decide to go again. It also provided a much needed break from my PDX routine and allowed me to get back into my flow and shine as I used to.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Years Intentions 2017


2016 Intentions Post

Let's review the ones for 2016:

1.) Manifest Romantic Connection/Partnership.

I had a brief romantic experience in Feb/March of 2016. Had a 3 month relationship from Nov-Feb 2017.

2.) Plug into more food security systems(growing, veganiculture, community/Omstead garden) #ABAWD #WarOnPoor

I was overly concerned about EBT being cut from my life(a habit of anxiety mind)...and it never turned out to be true. As my Mom used to say....F.E.A.R....False Evidence Appearing Real. I volunteer and get my EBT needs met.

3.) Crowdsource my Activism.

The Patreon account never really took off...partly for my like of putting it out there repeatedly. I did receive several in person monetary donations to help with my lifestyle, that was lovely. The challenge is getting a regular donation system so I can pay my modest rent with that. Had issues setting up Paypal and it still won't work, so that's something for the new year to get done.

4.) Consider other areas to live/visit, especially conducive to vegan living/warmer. (Hawai'i, Costa Rica, Belize etc)

My friend's homestead on Hawai'i is about the only thing on my radar for this. I thought about visiting in winter 2017/2018 perhaps.

5.) Keep exploring NVC/Authentic connections/T-Group/Solsarra interactions

Took Foundations NVC class, read the book 3-4 times, watched numerous Rosenburg led workshops, and I am steeped in this in my community so I have grown a lot with this wisdom. Didn't really plug back into the other groups though.

6.) Continue to "shift the paradigm" via activist outlets-Veganism/Enviro etc

Yup. Got  into Collectively Free as  the main organizer here in PDX. Started going to more social justice things like BLM. Got involved with Social Justice Action Center.

7.) Keep up 3x/week yoga practice at People's.

This continued strong until about November, when I was down to just once a week or so. I'd like to get back into this habit, and do it more with other people outside of the formal classes.

8.) Truly optimize diet/ on all cylinders.

Kinda all over the place like usuall on this one...went off sugar in summer for 2 months, did Raw Till 4 for several months as well...made a pact of no ice cream even...last few months have been all over the place; snacking more, holidays are rough. :) Would like to get back to Raw Till 4ish system and cut out snacks/non-whole foods.

9.) Strangers are just friends I haven't met yet. #Venture&Gain

Added 444 FB friends in 2016(topping out at 1,150 right now)...most of which I have met locally.

10.) Spend more time maintaining/supporting friendships/connections

I made a special mark on my calendar in the evenings to connect more with friends; more phone calls, FB check-ins etc. I have done a pretty good job with this, but I can still get better at in-person meetings. I think I may do more video chats, and shorter, but more frequent calls.

11.) Strengthen connection in the Brooklyn Collective between the houses

Didn't really focus on this too much; the connection seems solid enough.

12.) Revisit concept of moneyless living/right livelihood in more detail(blog post in works)

Definitely on my radar still....haven't really had the impetus to tackle this yet, but I do want more stable income stream in some way; crowdsourcing would be ideal.

13,) Network and connect more with peers in similar lifestyles,,,claim acceptance/validation

Becoming a CF organizer has helped in this regard, and I think many of my peers are honoring my contributions as well.

14,) Look into internships/free educational opportunities(Cultural Catalyzer example)

Didn't really get into this much, aside from the bodywork/kaleidoscope stuff. I got into offering massage here and there, helped with Healshare, and have been teaching Kaleidoscope Yoga at Peoples's for about a year now.

15.) Ask and receive.


16.) Join the Q Contiunumm #Notenoughtimeinthedaytodoallthethings


Intentions for 2017

I honestly think the above intentions still hold true. with perhaps a couple additions.

Looking back on my 2015 intentions, I can see the shift away from some of my Buddhist/Sangha/Extreme roots and into a little more nuanced and practical application of my life path. I have come to realize that the back to the land/green thumb permaculture sphere while important, isn't exactly my cup of tea. I still have some thoughts of visiting and exploring some of these communities, and perhaps down the road will make something like this more of my a tiny house urban village concept.

Seems I'm more suited to the urban activist scene; embedded, connected on social media, up to date on pro-intersectional framework etc. This can chafe a bit with my moneyless dynamic a bit, but there are plenty of resources in an urban landscape to function well like this(cycling, public transport, waste stream for food/textiles, community involvement/activism etc etc).