Friday, October 21, 2016

RED CRY Film 9/19/16

Powerful film screening hosted by Tryon Life Community grateful for those in attendance. <3

FB Event Details

"Directed by the Lakota Cante Tenze Okolakiciye - Strong Heart Warrior Society in 2012 and 2013, Red Cry chronicles the history of the Lakota Nation's struggle and resistance to colonialism. Traditional Lakota elders and warriors from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation risk their lives to share their stories of resistance and tradition in the face of corruption, abuse, theft, and oppression under genocidal policies and behaviors on the part of the US government, its entities, and white America and her little brothers.

Please join members of the Lakota Solidarity Project at Tryon Life Community Farm in SW Portland this Monday evening for a screening followed by a brief update on the situation that grassroots Lakota people are facing...the pipeline is just one face of the beast! And learn about new directions of resistance in the name of Indigenous independence and opportunites to be in solidarity with Lakota Oyate and the Independent Lakota Nation. "

Full Film below:

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