Friday, October 21, 2016

I spent $300 in 2 years.(sans rent)


*Sans rent($150/month) and some EBT(Food Stamp) usage. With rent factored in, I am sitting at about $3,800 over 24 months of living in Portland,

**As I learn more about the framework of intersectionality, I also want to note my privilege as middle-class raised, college-educated, white-cis-male-able-bodied-childless person living in an abundant. radical friendly city(i.e. lots of waste stream products; free boxes, dumpstering etc) in the USA.

Last year's post total $150.

Since 2015 I haven't kept quite as detailed accounts of my spending, but I am rounding it up to another $150 just to keep it could actually be more like $270.

When I moved last September, I bought a used pc monitor($30), a new bottom bracket for my bike ($60), and several MAX tickets(approx $30). The res($30 is miscelaneous(e.g. pitching in TP supply for house)

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