Sunday, August 7, 2016

"How to Let Go Of The World..." Film review 7/17


Back on July 17th the fine folks at PlanetRepair in SE PDX hosted a showing/discussion of "How to Let Go Of The World And Love All The Things Climate Can't Change".

A very powerful film that explores the realization we are kind of borked in many respects, and cannot avoid some of these intense feedback loops occurring all around us...yet how do we carry on with beauty and grace? I find it interesting how the discussion has shifted from the day of Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" of here are all the ways we can "prevent climate catastrophe", to "it's a runaway train of destruction", whereby the vanguard of environmentalist/transition/new kulture types are tasked with guiding us through all of this.

In one way, this is absolutely terrifying...but it's also an opportunity for more authentic and impassioned way of life...I know I have been laying my own foundation to assist in this effort for a few years now, and feeling all the more capable as time goes on.

Strength through community.
Inspired by love.

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