Monday, June 27, 2016

Rethinking Permaculture Summer Solstice Convergence 6/17

Had another lovely convergence on the 17th of June. Many wonderful people coming together to probe deeper into the philosophical underpinnings of "permaculture", and how to manifest the most beautifully wholesome lives possible.

Last time I presented on "Radically Transcending Money" and "Food Reclamation in our Time of Cultural Transition" (read more here), while this time I held a workshop for "Intersectional Veganism". The latter subject is very much alive for me right now....I find it essential for an all-inclusive, holistic approach to activism and service. All systems of harm and oppression are interconnected...and by truly seeing that, we can unite and build stronger movements.

Joseph Herbert actualy recorded some of the audio from some of the workshops!

here are a few audio recordings from the workshop:
audio recordings from the event!
here is what was captured:
## day 1: ##
* wkshop slot 1: morning AM skillshare - @Brittani, others
* wkshop slot 2: eco-conscious hygiene - Amit Zinman
* wkshop slot 3: intersectional veganism - Tyler Whitney
* wkshop slot 5: (last half-hour recorded, of) Spiritual Heart of Sustainable Culture - Satya Vayu

## unknown slot: ##
* Spiritual Roots Circle - Satya Vayu
# link to download above audio files! #

### P.S. if you have other notes (e.g. written in your notebook/journal?), and you'd like to snap a pic of them and share... please do so!
I also offered Kaleidoscope Yoga as well, which I been helping teach for a few months now. This practice has been a wonderful way to connect with others, while getting some much needed positive touch and stretching.

We also plan on doing these every Solstice/Equinox, so every 3 months we will have a gathering to come together to share insights, successes/failures and grow together as we continue to shift the paradigm.

Write up from our Facebook group:

"Traditional permaculture has great insights into more sustainable ways to grow our own food – we aim to expand the vision of sustainability to include the practical changes we can make to our daily lives, right now, to create less harm to our world, and to foster a more ecologically sensitive, and more joyfully vibrant, human culture.

We will cover techniques to grow more of our own food, but also look at the daily consumer habits and lifestyle patterns that we take for granted, and to explore how they might be transformed to free us from the oppressive and unhealthy aspects of our society.

We will consider what it means to practice “spiritual permaculture” – living in a way that honors all living beings, and all the diversity of life on our planet, as our family. In this light, we will focus on practices that don’t confine or cause suffering to other animals for our own (human) benefit.
  • Veganic farming strategies
  • Reducing dependence on the money system
  • Intersectional Veganism
  • Fostering community sharing
  • Mending/Repairing
  • Meditation, movement, and sound practices to support a sustainable life
  • Spiritual Root of Permaculture"

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