Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Patagonia Vegan Action 5/21/16

Last Saturday, several of us held an action to raise awareness about Patagonia using animal products in their textiles, and their more audacious "Patagonia Provisions" line of "sustainable and humane" salmon and buffalo.

This runs counter to their mission statement of "not causing unnecessary harm." Initially it may seem like it's a bit of stretch going after a company generally regarded as "conscious", but I think it's important to not get bamboozled by the "humane-washing" that many such organizations deploy, trying to appease the consciousness of their customers, with their carefully crafted image of  eco-friendly, and ethically sound consumerism.

FB Event:

For our May Monthly Activist Event, let’s ask Patagonia to live up to their own mission statement of not causing any “unnecessary harm” by going cruelty free. Many of their products that contain or are made from animal ingredients cause a great deal of unnecessary harm to animals.

Let’s bring copies of the petitions and hold signs (we will have enough for those that RSVP as “going/attending” and a few extra) to urge Patagonia to do the right thing by choosing kindness and compassion and becoming a cruelty free business.

Let’s be a voice for the animals and the environment and ask Patagonia to stop selling animal products. Their own mission statement claims that they wish to “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis” We all know that selling animal products is not helping the environment.

Please Ask Patagonia to go Cruelty Free

Go to the website below and sign the petition. Also email them at


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