Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rethinking Permaculture Convergence 3/27/16

This past weekend I was exploring and connecting with many like-minded folks on how best to re-imagine our world, in the vain of "permaculture". This was all put together in less than  a month, and over 70 people attended over the 3 days of workshops and meals-all for free!

I actually helped facilitate two workshops; "Radically Transcending Money" and "Food Reclamation in our time of Cultural Transition", both subjects very near and dear to me. I hadn't presented anything like this since college really, so after a decade of atrophying skills, it's nice to know I can still do this well.

I'm re-inspired to go deeper in my own wisdom practices, and push my activism and service to more impactful levels. I also made a lot of new friends and connections who will provide support, I'm sure.

We are already in the works to setup more of these, as well as restart Touching Earth Sangha weekly gatherings; the groundswell of passionate engagement was very encouraging!

(bunch of pictures at bottom of post, thanks to Amit Zinman for the gorgeous photos! Note: if you click on one photo you can scroll through them horizontally)

The Schedule over the weekend

Facebook write up:

Rethinking Permaculture Vernal Equinox Convergence: Everyday Strategies for Compassionate Living

Hosted by Kailash Ecovillage and Food Not Bombs

Please join us for a weekend convergence where we will discover how to transform our lives to be more in line with our heart’s compassionate and harmonious nature.

Traditional permaculture has great insights into more sustainable ways to grow our own food – we aim to expand the vision of sustainability to include the practical changes we can make to our daily lives, right now, to create less harm to our world, and to foster a more ecologically sensitive, and more joyfully vibrant, human culture.

We will cover techniques to grow more of our own food, but also look at the daily consumer habits and lifestyle patterns that we take for granted, and to explore how they might be transformed to free us from the oppressive and unhealthy aspects of our society.

We will consider what it means to practice “spiritual permaculture” – living in a way that honors all living beings, and all the diversity of life on our planet, as our family. In this light, we will focus on practices that don’t confine or cause suffering to other animals for our own (human) benefit.

Whether experienced permaculturists, or the newly curious, all are welcome to attend. If you have something you’d like to teach that is in line with our vision, anyone is welcome to facilitate a class – let us know what you’d like to offer! (There will be an opportunity to add classes on the first night of the gathering.)

We aspire to offer the kinds of workshops where participants will learn the skills, and receive the support, that can lead to actual, practical, life changes immediately after the weekend.

Veganic farming strategies
Reducing dependence on the money system
Fostering community sharing
Meditation, movement, and sound practices to support a sustainable life
Classes focused on creating real, practical changes in our daily lives, to be implemented now!

There is no charge for this event, although donations are welcome. All food will be provided for free – procured from the abundance around us using the strategies we will share! You are encouraged to spend the night on site, also for no charge (indoor or outdoor).

Kailash Ecovillage, 4311 SE 37th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202

Community room

Friday, March 25, 5-9pm | Introductions, Event Scheduling & Meal.
Saturday, March 26, 9am-9pm | Presentations/Workshops
Sunday, March 27, 9am-3pm | Presentations/Workshops & Discussion

In order to help us best plan this event, please RSVP

Here is a link to our event page where you can RSVP.

Let us know if you wish to host a presentation or workshop!

Radically Transcending Money

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