Saturday, March 5, 2016

CrowdSourcing My Activism and Service!

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After much deliberation, and inspiration from other activists, I have decided to source my essential living expenses via crowdsourcing. For awhile I felt a little apprehensive and embarrassed about this...thinking why was I so special as to warrant this kind of support? However, after more reflection, I think it has much merit...especially since it is for a supremely important cause of promoting positive change, when we are in desperate need of such efforts. This is in keeping with my original impetus to live primarily without money...there are many things that need attention, yet the money is just not there. Therefore, in order to have the freedom and nimble ability to manifest "shifting the paradigm", I have adapted my whole life for this endeavor.

For one, it is a direct, tangible result for the can see the content or actions enabled by your contribution, rather than money thrown into a more nebulous Non-Profit, with lots of red tape and bureaucracy. People can track all my actions via social media(Facebook/Twitter), my blog and so forth-transparency and accountability are key! I am their personal agent of change, a proxy of sorts because folks might not be able to contribute as I do for various reasons, but have monetary resources to enable me to do so.

Secondly, this is becoming it's own acceptable practice, as evidenced by the massive success of Kickstarter, GoFundMe and other such initiatives....but with added flair of being very beneficial, than say just funding the release of a hoodie with a built in inflatable pillow....

What is more exciting is the rising success of Basic Income, which would make this a reality across a HUGE swath of humanity, freeing people up to invest themselves in things that matter, and allow for flexibility to find their special thriving niche.

I want to give special credit to Carlo Volio , whom I met during the #SHELLNO Blockade last summer. He trusted in his offerings, and his supporters to meet his needs, and now he is a full-time activist fighting for Climate Justice! Oregon Public Broadcasting actually interviewed him last year.

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