Sunday, January 31, 2016

Howard Lyman Visits Portland 1/23/16

The incredibly endearing Howard Lyman came to town this pats weekend, and spoke at the Unitarian Universalist Church to a couple of audiences. On Saturday, he spoke at a NW Veg volunteer appreciation potluck, so it was a nice intimate time spent with him, and his inspiring ideas.

He first came to prominent attention when he went on Oprah in the late 90s and told the public the cattle industry was feeding cows to cows...turns out making a  herbivore into a cannibal during the Mad Cow Disease panic wasn't such a great idea. This started a legal firestorm, being sued for "Food Defamation" from the major players of the cattle industry.  He has gone on to become an outspoken advocate for a vegan lifestyle, and the main takeaway from his latest speech is a call for vegans everywhere to embed themselves in all types of organizations-from the PTA to the Sierra Club-and plant seeds of veganism.

I told him about my lifestyle, and he gifted me a signed copy of Mad Cowboy!

Howard Lyman Wikipedia

Howard speaking on Friday:

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