Thursday, December 10, 2015

Solsara Introduction 12/6/15

On Monday night,  I went to a Solsara: The Practice of Opening introduction, along with my good friend Amber, and about 25 others. I was inspired to go from  the good word put in by my community mates, people who I see as well-rounded, compassionate, wise souls....fellow light workers.

We started the evening with a little guided meditation, setting the intention and tone of the evening to be in touch with our thoughts, and emotions. Then came a series of intimate connections. First, we started with silently gazing and holding hands with whomever crossed our path, as we all rotated about to each other every couple minutes or so. This was rather intense...focused, directed eye-eye contact isn't something I'm super comfortable with....but the more I went with it, the easier. and comforting it became.

After that round, we then started with sharing something that was alive in us with the other person, such as feeling anxious, calm, etc. I found myself not offering much insight, rather taking in a receptive stance instead. In the final phase, the other person offered insight into what they saw in us-a few examples I received:

"I appreciate a young male so interested in such a compassionate way of being"
"I notice strength right away...and serenity borne from solitude" 
"I feel so at ease and grounded sharing space with you"
"Strong and stoic" 

We closed with a sharing circle of what we took away from the gathering. I recognized the spirit of the gift(donation based) in their offering, making Solsara accessible to all. Even the multi-day immersions are completely free if you so desire, they just hold a $150 refundable deposit to make sure you commit to the process, There is one coming up in Portland on the 8th of January I might attend, though I will need to get coverage for Food Not Bombs Friday/Saturday...might be a tall order.

It was a rewarding experience all together, though at times I felt a bit constrained with the outline of how we were supposed to connect and share...felt a bit forced, and unusual compared to how most strangers typically interact. Still, I would heartily recommend exploring it for fellow authentic, heart-centered folks

Solsara: The Practice of Opening

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  1. The Solsara circle was a great experience. At times it felt awkward and down right uncomfortable, but I think it is that way with any new practice at times. I'm gonna give it some more time because I sense that this practice holds great growth potential for me in the areas of allowing myself to be witnessed, learning not to fear judgement and holding space for people without any expectations. Thank you for inviting me, Tyler!