Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Diving Into Darkness: Winter Solstice Gathering 2015

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On Sunday, our Brooklyn Collective hosted a winter solstice gathering, one that went deep into matters concerning the darkness we all must face. It was very inspiring and powerful, to hear so many people share their  challenges, both personal and worldly, and how we all share in the same pathos.

Many thanks to my buddy Fallon for leading with facilitating, as well as SaraHope for assisting with the tone, and intention of the process.

Write up for the event:


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~ Nestled in the shadows of the New Moon and approaching the Winter Solstice ~ join us in creating a container of healing as we face the darkness together. Theme for this gathering will be courageously confronting the darkness in the wide world and that which dwells deep within us. At sunset (around 4pm), there will be a ceremony for entering into and sitting with darkness. Show up with your whole self ready to explore some guiding questions:

* Is there a part of myself I am afraid to show?

* How does it serve me to hide this part of myself?

* What feelings arise when asked to dwell in darkness?

* What is needed to heal the wounds?

* How can we support ourselves & community in times of darkness?

Please bring a vegan dish or non-alcoholic beverage to share. Special emphasis on deeply nourishing & healing foods. Candles would be awesome too!

(reminder: this is 100% sober event)


I shared my deep, globally themed sorrow over the fact so many well-educated, informed and wonderful people have a massive disconnect when it comes to veganism...many I personally encounter on a weekly basis in my alternative, activist circles. While the challenge to illuminate this blind spot is great, I feel hope because the movement is growing exponentially, especially with the help of social media and the Internet. Veganism rising is going to be akin to the shift in the acceptance of the LGBTQ community over just the last decade...looking forward to being at the forefront of it.  I just have to keep myself primed and ready to assist folks in transitioning to a more holistic, and compassionate paradigm.

On the more personal spectrum, I also spoke about the ongoing troubles with a former community member who was active in FNB and other shared endeavors. It has consistently been the lone dark spot on a otherwise joyous year, full of thriving connection and fulfillment...and his behavior has many of us flabbergasted at how exactly to respond. There is however. much solidarity for accountability and safer spaces in activist circles, so we have that to look into for more guidance...it's just a very sad situation all around.

May you face the Darkness with Courage. 

And a Peaceful Solstice to all.

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