Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Basic Income Portland Meetup 12/14/15

On Monday December 14th, myself a few other folks met to discuss strategies about Basic Income at Fostervillage community, I've kept track of this groundbreaking concept for a few years now, especially with the news of Switzerland seriously considering this not too long ago. I agree with many of the principles of BI, such as; freeing people up to engage/offer what comes alive for them, providing a stable safety net reducing the all-consuming suffering of making ends meet, and redistribution of wealth from the 1% to the commons.

We had some insightful sharing of information and ideas, riding the wave  of  the recent proposal for Finland to start experimenting with BI in the coming years. One person brought up the interrelated Carbon Dividend; whereby citizens get money from this plan.(Read more in the latter hyperlink)

 I look forward to connecting more with this group, and other like-minded people pushing for this kind of paradigm shift. 

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