Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Touching Earth Sangha September Gorge Trip

A bit overdue on this one :)

Back in early September, Satya, myself, Caitlyn and Bala all cycled out to the Gorge for a little weekend adventure. It was 50 miles to our camping spot, and took about 8 hours....rather grueling towards the end, but at least not as steep as going to Mt. Hood. The route took us on the historic Columbia River Highway State trail, which was very light traffic-almost like a wide Springwater Corridor.

Our Route

We hiked up the next day on what is considered the toughest trail...very few switchbacks, suuuuuper steep....I had to put my boots back on just to get more traction. After we spent most of the afternoon trudging up the hill, low on water and pretty well tuckered out, we all decided to bushwhack down a  300 foot gradually sloping ravine in the dark, with Bala sporting a sore knee-great idea! It ended up being pretty taxing and not one of our finer moments...but we carried on and found our camp spot close to our precious water source.

The next day we awake to glorious views of the lake, and feasted on chocolates! Bala and Satya decided to stay another day, so Caitlyn and I headed back for our city obligations.

It was pretty epic ride back, skirting throngs of Memorial Day tourists mobbing up the various waterfalls on our route back. The climb back up to the Vista House was brutally long, but we managed to keep  a good pace and made it back to PDX by the afternoon.

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