Monday, November 16, 2015

PDX VegVest 2015
*Photo credits to Lynn Sargent*

Over the weekend VegFest took place at the Oregon Convention center for it's 11th(!) year. I had went last year, but was only around for a scant few hours, so this year I decided to volunteer for NWVEG all day, and helped from 11am-7:30pm on Sunday the 15th. Saturday was full with weekly Food Not Bombs pickups from PSU farmers market, otherwise I probably would have attended both days.

I dressed as my Halloween inspired alter-ego "The Mighty Vegan", and it was a total blasty blast! Initially I floated around, checking in with some samples(nom nom nom) and booths, making sure to touch base with the animal rights/environmental booths especially, like No New Animal Lab and Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry.  While I applaud the more mainstream food vendors and product booths for helping spread veganism, I feel very strongly we should expand ourselves to the full spectrum of wholesome living, not just on the diet trends, so it's nice to see a smattering of conscious raising booths represented. It's too bad FNB once again didn't have a booth, we seem to forget about setting that up ahead of time...maybe in 2016....there is a huge vegan crossover with FNB- one that speaks to the more radical segment especially.

Then I ended up doing a brief shift at a recycling station near the food court, though I started to feel a bit underutilized. Luckily, I made a request to shift positions, and was graciously relocated to the Kids zone area, handing out apple samples, and being a goodwill ambassador. Photo ops were also pretty fun, must have been a dozen or more people who posed with me.

Apple Samples!

I didn't get a chance to check out any speakers or films, but I did give my regards to Robert Cheeke and his PlantBuilt  buddies. He's one of the first well-known vegan bodybuilders out there, and is a native of Corvallis, Oregon, where I went to school, and my parents currently reside. Early on in my process of going vegan, I definitely recall watching a video of Robert shopping for healthy, plant-based foods, which helped give me some options to restock my kitchen with.

After the event a several of us from Food Not Bombs also helped with gathering donations via 6 bike trailers(2 giant 8+footers too), and aided in a bit of impromptu cleaning up for Vegfest, breaking down tables and such. All told I didn't get back and done with refrigerating, storing, sorting etc of food until about midnight...a long, but rewarding day.

Oregonian Article with more info


And just found this video below the other day from The Vegan Activist. He, The Vegan Revolution and Plant-Based News have really been crushing it lately out of the UK-super inspiring!

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