Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Oregon LNG/Fossil Fuel PDX Resolutions

About a month ago on Oct 22, I attended an info session in how to get involved in shutting down various fossil fuel projects trying to export through the NW corridor.

Several well-spoken presenters went over various threats to our region, most notably in my mind Alexander Harris, who helped organize the Hike The Pipe event. I nearly joined this endeavor backed in September,  that spanned 232 miles, crossing many areas of Southern Oregon.

Here is the fantastic video they put together chronicling the journey.

After the info session we had a big 'ol group photo as well! #KeepItInTheGround

Me far right in Bike Swarm Tie-Die shirt

More event details:

Sponsored by the Climate Action Coalition, 350PDX, Columbia Riverkeeper, 1st Unitarian Church-Community For Earth, PDX Bike Swarm, People of the Heart, Portland Rising Tide, Oregon Sierra Club-Beyond Gas & Oil Team, No KeystoneXL/Portland, Sustainable Energy & Economy Network-SEEN

For the past decade, Oregon has faced numerous schemes to transport methane through proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals and their related pipelines through our beloved forests, under our iconic rivers and watersheds, and across fertile private farms and fields. Ten years ago, corporate interests made a move to import LNG into Oregon by proposing terminals in both the north and south of the state - Oregon LNG near Astoria, Jordan Cove in Coos Bay and Bradwood Landing on the Columbia River. Over the next five years, resistance from a diverse coalition of landowners, environmentalists and climate activists culminated in then-Governor Kulongoski challenging federal approvals of Jordan Cove and Bradwood LNG. Both projects failed as LNG import terminals, and Bradwood LNG went bankrupt completely.

The specter of natural gas pipelines and LNG terminals, however, has not disappeared. The Jordan Cove project has returned, this time as a proposed LNG export terminal, and the Columbia River is still threatened by Oregon LNG which also hopes to export natural gas from the northern coast.

But never fear! Our communities are again rising up against fracked natural gas infrastructure and export.

Join us on Thursday, October 22nd for an info session on how you can get involved and give your body and soul to resisting LNG in Oregon. Learn about the plan for government collusion with corporate interests to ship explosive natural gas from fracking fields in the Rockies through fire-prone forests and earthquake-prone landscapes and threaten the climate, watersheds, and forests of our state. Hear about how we won against LNG, and how we will win again. Plug in to growing LNG resistance across the state, country and world.


Also huge in environmental news, just in the past couple weeks, Portland City Council held two hearings to pass tough resolutions to limit/ban expanding fossil fuel exports, and infrastructure in our city. I managed to attend the first hearing, and it was a packed house! Many impassioned folks stood up and gave testimony, including several young students who made sobering remarks about their bleak futures in the face of climate catastrophe.

Climate justice is definitely gaining mainstream traction...let's just hope we can seize these opportunities while we can, and push the agenda further...the stakes are too grim for anything less.

More articles about the victory.

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