Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year Intentions 2016

Another year has passed.....let's take a look at last year's intentions.

Intentions for 2015 

1.) Less Screen Time (unplug!) 

Nope, I actually increased screen-time, especially in fall/winter 2015...and I'm glad. More blogging, more connecting, more expansive knowledge...just have to keep my balance of face time "IRL".

2.) Expand Vegan activism/health by eating more whole foods, up my fruit/veggie intake

Yup, though I still eat not enough nutritionally packed food stuffs on the daily....lotta bagels...

3.) Connect more with like-minded persons "doing the thing"


4.) Spread word/mission of sangha to more people, bolster our weekly meeting

Kinda sorta. For the first part of the year, I was gung-ho, then I stepped back from the core sangha in the summer, but I still practice with them from time to time, hang out/do FNB stuff frequently, and still hold them in high regard.

5.) Continue dog caretaking/sitting for rent monies as well as volunteering(Pixie Project)

Sorta.  Since Auguest I haven't done any work really, nor have I done more volunteering at places like Pixie Project.

6.) Get more involved with Micro-Housing for houseless/low income

Nope. Just a few facebook shares and some general knowledge gleaning.

7.) Thrive primarily moneyless

Nailed it. :)

8.) Visit Moab in Fall?

Sure didn't. Suelo is actually in Fruitia, Colorado full-time, taking care of his ageing parents.

9.) Attend Summer Programat Great Vow.

Didn't happen, but a few of my good buddies are attending there longer term, and also did the summer program. I really honor what Great Vow offers, I just feel more impactful, imbedded in community, able to be more pro-active/varied and less focused on full-time, intensive practice.

10.) Get into alternative green building/living systems more(veganiculture. Earthships etc)

Sadly no. My greenthumb is still laying fallow, as it were. I will say with this whole #ABAWD food stamp debacle going on, it has shifted my attention a bit on securing more of my own/others food security needs via growing it, rather than relying on government assistance or FNB waste stream. This seems like the natural evolution...get to the root of the issue by supplying our own food needs directly.

11.) Let go of videogaming/Netflixing away hours.

Reduced gaming in general, still watching a fair amount of streaming shows/movies, but those have fallen back a bit too. Not like binge watching Lost in 2014(UGH!)

12.) Be open to a romantic partner to join on similar path.

Definitely open 2015 I wasn't pursuing that intently until about maybe late summer/fall...OkCupid turned into just a random "people watching" sort of past-time...nothing much fruitful from that, though it did elucidate me on what I'm looking for. Still tried to get out there to meet potential partners, especially in the vegan community later in the year.
I have a blog post I'm working on about this's very alive for me right now....almost so much it's distracting me a track mind and all....

Intentions for 2016(in no particular order)

1.) Manifest Romantic Connection/Partnership.

2.) Plug into more food security systems(growing, veganiculture, community/Omstead garden) #ABAWD #WarOnPoor

3.) Crowdsource my Activism.

4.) Consider other areas to live/visit, especially conducive to vegan living/warmer. (Hawai'i, Costa Rica, Belize etc)

5.) Keep exploring NVC/Authentic connections/T-Group/Solsarra interactions

6.) Continue to "shift the paradigm" via activist outlets-Veganism/Enviro etc

7.) Keep up 3x/week yoga practice at People's.

8.) Truly optimize diet/ on all cylinders.

9.) Strangers are just friends I haven't met yet. #Venture&Gain

10.) Spend more time maintaining/supporting friendships/connections

11.) Strengthen connection in the Brooklyn Collective between the houses

12.) Revisit concept of moneyless living/right livehood in more detail(blog post in works)

13,) Network and connect more with peers in similar lifestyles,,,claim acceptance/validation

14,) Look into internships/free educational opportunities(Cultural Catalyzer example)

15.) Ask and receive.

16.) Join the Q Contiunumm #Notenoughtimeinthedaytodoallthethings

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately.” — Henry David Thoreau, Walden"

What did Thoreau mean when he said he wished to “live deliberately?” It’s an odd word to use to describe a way of living. Did he mean “deliberately” in the slow, steady sense of the word? Or did he mean that he wanted to spend his life deliberating—the way one might carefully deliberate over a decision to accept a job or buy a car? Regardless of what he meant, I prefer how I’ve always interpreted the line: I believe Thoreau wished to live thoughtfully and intentionally. In other words, to live deliberately would be to live life with forethought. It is to live with your values, ideas, goals, and principles in mind. To live deliberately is to live your life actively (in which you wield control of your life) rather than passively (in which you let life happen to you). 


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