Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I spent $150 in a Year(sans rent)

*update, forgot to add the sneaky Netflix sub I left on for a few months on auto-pay! Doh!

Since last July 2014 I have spent approx $150, outside of my rent($150/month) and food stamps.

Here is the list;

Fall 2014;

NCAA 14 PS3 videogame; $20-last game I bought.

Dwaraka Lunch Buffet; $10-last restaurant meal I purchased

*Netflix Sub(forgot to add this, was on auto-pay mistakenly)
$8x5 months: $40

Winter 2014;

Rear wheel Bike farm; $5

Spring 2015;

2 used bike tires from Bikes4Humanity; $24

Summer 2015:

1 new/2 used brake pads from Bikes4Humanity; $15
Samue material; $10


Total;  Approx $150

I get most of my food from Food Not Bombs/other pickups, supplemented with EBT(food stamps) for sauces/carrots/oats/nut butter/occasional vegan ice cream/chips.

Clothes are found in free boxes. I pretty much just wear 3 outfits that I rotate(active wear/cycling, nice clothes and pair of shorts hanging around house). Maybe 5-8 total items in all. Stopped wearing undies too. Gifted a pair of Keen sandals for Xmas, and traded in some old gear for used hiking boots from Next Adventure worth $20($150 new value), but mostly I'm barefoot.

No cell bill, I use Google Voice.

So much less worry and fuss not buying things and fretting about budgets.

Rich in community, health, experiences, friendship, volunteering etc etc, just monetarily "poor."

One of the best years of my life.

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