Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Years Intentions

When I moved into Casa Tequio in April 2014, I made an intention list. Much to my delight, most of these things have come true; from living primarily without money, continuing to make my sangha/Buddhism a central part of my life, cycling, becoming vegan again and more. Intentions are very powerful, and given enough focus, time and momentum, they usually manifest.

When I went to the Heart of Wisdom's New Year's Eve. myself and others wrote down several errors of the past year to be ceremoniously burned let go and start fresh for 2015. A few of them were "too much screen-time"(PC/phone etc), "lack of yoga"(no classes, no routine) and "not assertive enough." I highly recommend going to such a ceremony on New Years, so much more rewarding than self-serving parties.

New Years Intentions 2015:

1.) Less Screen Time (unplug!)
2.) Expand Vegan activism/health by eating more whole foods, up my fruit/veggie intake
3.) Connect more with like-minded persons "doing the thing"
4.) Spread word/mission of sangha to more people, bolster our weekly meeting
5.) Continue dog caretaking/sitting for rent monies as well as volunteering(Pixie Project)
6.) Get more involved with Micro-Housing for houseless/low income
7.) Thrive primarily moneyless
8.) Visit Moab in Fall?
9.) Attend Summer Programat Great Vow
10.) Get into alternative green building/living systems more(veganiculture. Earthships etc)
11.) Let go of videogaming/Netflixing away hours.
12.) Be open to a romantic partner to join on similar path.

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