Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Years Intentions 2017


2016 Intentions Post

Let's review the ones for 2016:

1.) Manifest Romantic Connection/Partnership.

I had a brief romantic experience in Feb/March of 2016. Had a 3 month relationship from Nov-Feb 2017.

2.) Plug into more food security systems(growing, veganiculture, community/Omstead garden) #ABAWD #WarOnPoor

I was overly concerned about EBT being cut from my life(a habit of anxiety mind)...and it never turned out to be true. As my Mom used to say....F.E.A.R....False Evidence Appearing Real. I volunteer and get my EBT needs met.

3.) Crowdsource my Activism.

The Patreon account never really took off...partly for my like of putting it out there repeatedly. I did receive several in person monetary donations to help with my lifestyle, that was lovely. The challenge is getting a regular donation system so I can pay my modest rent with that. Had issues setting up Paypal and it still won't work, so that's something for the new year to get done.

4.) Consider other areas to live/visit, especially conducive to vegan living/warmer. (Hawai'i, Costa Rica, Belize etc)

My friend's homestead on Hawai'i is about the only thing on my radar for this. I thought about visiting in winter 2017/2018 perhaps.

5.) Keep exploring NVC/Authentic connections/T-Group/Solsarra interactions

Took Foundations NVC class, read the book 3-4 times, watched numerous Rosenburg led workshops, and I am steeped in this in my community so I have grown a lot with this wisdom. Didn't really plug back into the other groups though.

6.) Continue to "shift the paradigm" via activist outlets-Veganism/Enviro etc

Yup. Got  into Collectively Free as  the main organizer here in PDX. Started going to more social justice things like BLM. Got involved with Social Justice Action Center.

7.) Keep up 3x/week yoga practice at People's.

This continued strong until about November, when I was down to just once a week or so. I'd like to get back into this habit, and do it more with other people outside of the formal classes.

8.) Truly optimize diet/ on all cylinders.

Kinda all over the place like usuall on this one...went off sugar in summer for 2 months, did Raw Till 4 for several months as well...made a pact of no ice cream even...last few months have been all over the place; snacking more, holidays are rough. :) Would like to get back to Raw Till 4ish system and cut out snacks/non-whole foods.

9.) Strangers are just friends I haven't met yet. #Venture&Gain

Added 444 FB friends in 2016(topping out at 1,150 right now)...most of which I have met locally.

10.) Spend more time maintaining/supporting friendships/connections

I made a special mark on my calendar in the evenings to connect more with friends; more phone calls, FB check-ins etc. I have done a pretty good job with this, but I can still get better at in-person meetings. I think I may do more video chats, and shorter, but more frequent calls.

11.) Strengthen connection in the Brooklyn Collective between the houses

Didn't really focus on this too much; the connection seems solid enough.

12.) Revisit concept of moneyless living/right livelihood in more detail(blog post in works)

Definitely on my radar still....haven't really had the impetus to tackle this yet, but I do want more stable income stream in some way; crowdsourcing would be ideal.

13,) Network and connect more with peers in similar lifestyles,,,claim acceptance/validation

Becoming a CF organizer has helped in this regard, and I think many of my peers are honoring my contributions as well.

14,) Look into internships/free educational opportunities(Cultural Catalyzer example)

Didn't really get into this much, aside from the bodywork/kaleidoscope stuff. I got into offering massage here and there, helped with Healshare, and have been teaching Kaleidoscope Yoga at Peoples's for about a year now.

15.) Ask and receive.


16.) Join the Q Contiunumm #Notenoughtimeinthedaytodoallthethings


Intentions for 2017

I honestly think the above intentions still hold true. with perhaps a couple additions.

Looking back on my 2015 intentions, I can see the shift away from some of my Buddhist/Sangha/Extreme roots and into a little more nuanced and practical application of my life path. I have come to realize that the back to the land/green thumb permaculture sphere while important, isn't exactly my cup of tea. I still have some thoughts of visiting and exploring some of these communities, and perhaps down the road will make something like this more of my a tiny house urban village concept.

Seems I'm more suited to the urban activist scene; embedded, connected on social media, up to date on pro-intersectional framework etc. This can chafe a bit with my moneyless dynamic a bit, but there are plenty of resources in an urban landscape to function well like this(cycling, public transport, waste stream for food/textiles, community involvement/activism etc etc).

Friday, October 21, 2016

Social Justice Action Center: HOLDING GROUND 10/4/16

*Update, they made their fundraising goal! Hooray!

FB Event Write up:

"SJAC presents: Holding Ground
or, How community organizations can resist rent spikes, together!

Speakers: Margot Black, Portland Tenants United; Robert Van Pelt, Tututni Siletz & Umatilla (SJAC board); Mic Crenshaw, hiphop artist & organizer (SJAC board), Grant Neal, Casa Wovoka Native NA; Jonny Cool, local musician, and more!

Music: Jonny Cool; Sam & Hector Romero

Rents in Portland are rising, and long-term grassroots institutions are being forced out. But the Social Justice Action Center is bucking that trend!

Join us for a special open house at the Center where we share our model for grassroots organizing in the heart of Portland, especially by and for marginalized communities and organizers of color. 

5:30p doors open, 6:30p program

We'll have a silent auction, friendly music, and timely conversation about how to build long-term places for grassroots groups to share. View silent auction items here:

Learn how you can get involved in this important moment as we raise the $20,000 we need to save our building and purchase it for community movements. Contributions to SJAC are matched dollar for dollar till we make our goal!

It's a commonplace that rents in Portland -- for housing and for organizations -- are through the roof, with landlords and developers making bank on affluent incomers, and the rest of us pushed to the brink.

Many community groups that have played a vital role in creating the Portland that has attracted so many, are now forced to move or close. From radical bookstores to artists' co-ops, from underground publishers to alternative cafes, many of those that don't hew to the Division St. veneer (and have deep pockets) are being pushed out.

This won't last forever. But to keep community organizing strong -- whether among marginalized communities that are increasingly forced to the perimeters of the city, or among creatives and radicals scrapping to keep the spark alive closer in -- we need places in the heart of Portland as permanent homebases.

Our conversation will feature people who've experienced the recent changes firsthand, and will discuss various approaches to keeping community places open and available. We'll especially look at opportunities for our movements to own properties, protecting them from speculation, and how we can best get there -- showcasing SJAC's own current campaign to buy its building."

Keep Portland Housed Rally 9/17/16

A soggy day of housing justice.


"Join us on the one year anniversary of the city's declaration of a housing emergency to demand a REAL response with REAL impact to our housing crisis.

The kids have just started another school year, yet no-cause evictions and enormous rent increases continue to threaten their security and educational success. And the shorter days are a reminder that winter is around the corner .... will we let our lack of tenant protections continue to add our families, our sick, and our elderly to the growing homeless population this winter?

We cannot wait for more supply. We cannot wait for the state to act. How many more of our residents are forced to choose between rent and food, financially destabilized by rent increases and forced displacement, pushed into homelessness, or further and further out of the city (only to add to the growing traffic congestion by driving back in for work) before we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! How many more waves of gentrification do we have to powerlessly watch before we say WE WILL NOT BE MOVED!?

Together we can control the rent. But only if we do it together. WE NEED EVERYONE there to show our city that this is a problem we can ignore no longer. We won't settle for any more excuses -- but that goes for all of us too. YOU need to be there to show that renters aren't just a special interest group -- that we are Portland. And being able to have safe, stable, secure, healthy, affordable housing in the communities we built and mutually depend upon is good for everyone, good for the city, and vastly more important than an entitlement to profit."

RED CRY Film 9/19/16

Powerful film screening hosted by Tryon Life Community grateful for those in attendance. <3

FB Event Details

"Directed by the Lakota Cante Tenze Okolakiciye - Strong Heart Warrior Society in 2012 and 2013, Red Cry chronicles the history of the Lakota Nation's struggle and resistance to colonialism. Traditional Lakota elders and warriors from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation risk their lives to share their stories of resistance and tradition in the face of corruption, abuse, theft, and oppression under genocidal policies and behaviors on the part of the US government, its entities, and white America and her little brothers.

Please join members of the Lakota Solidarity Project at Tryon Life Community Farm in SW Portland this Monday evening for a screening followed by a brief update on the situation that grassroots Lakota people are facing...the pipeline is just one face of the beast! And learn about new directions of resistance in the name of Indigenous independence and opportunites to be in solidarity with Lakota Oyate and the Independent Lakota Nation. "

Full Film below:

Prisoner Strike Rally PDX 9/9/16

I was there in solidarity with many folks, in the streets for justice-much respect all around.

More links covering the action.:

I spent $300 in 2 years.(sans rent)


*Sans rent($150/month) and some EBT(Food Stamp) usage. With rent factored in, I am sitting at about $3,800 over 24 months of living in Portland,

**As I learn more about the framework of intersectionality, I also want to note my privilege as middle-class raised, college-educated, white-cis-male-able-bodied-childless person living in an abundant. radical friendly city(i.e. lots of waste stream products; free boxes, dumpstering etc) in the USA.

Last year's post total $150.

Since 2015 I haven't kept quite as detailed accounts of my spending, but I am rounding it up to another $150 just to keep it could actually be more like $270.

When I moved last September, I bought a used pc monitor($30), a new bottom bracket for my bike ($60), and several MAX tickets(approx $30). The res($30 is miscelaneous(e.g. pitching in TP supply for house)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

"Paying The Price for Peace" Film Screening 8/2/16

Heroic story and human being. 

FB write up:

Occupy Portland Elder Caucus invites you to a screening of "Paying the Price for Peace: The Story of S. Brian Willson (and the Peace Movement)"

~ Produced & Directed by Bo Boudart
~ Narrated by Peter Coyote
~ Associate Producer Frank Dorrel

Vietnam veteran S. Brian Willson paid the price for peace as he was run over and nearly killed by a military train during a non-violent protest in 1987. Since then, he has not stopped calling attention to the US government's defiance of international law through waging endless illegal wars. PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE exposes the truth about the United States' addiction to war and the lies it perpetuates in order to wage ongoing violence. The film features the voices of other high-profile antiwar activists, including many military veterans.